About the 2021 SEALs for Sunshine Peak to Peaks Challenge

Event Name: 2021 SEALs for Sunshine Peak to Peaks Challenge
When: August 19, 2021

Sign up as a participant virtually and choose to run, bike or swim 2.4 miles, 7.6 miles or 84.4 miles! Miles can be completed any way you wish at any location you’d like!


2014: Four military participants swim 14-mile length of Sebago Lake, Casco, Maine

2015: The Summit to Sunshine Challenge consisted of four military participants completing a reverse triathlon (7-mile run down Mt. Washington, 85-mile bike through Western Maine, 4-mile swim to Camp Sunshine)

2016: The No Man Left Behind Challenge was a circumnavigation of Sebago Lake where participants biked, swam, ran and paddled their way to the finish line.

2017: The Around the World Swim More was a 10-mile open-ocean swim around California's Coronado Island that was completed by 25 military participants on April 27, 2017!

2018: Camp Sunshine introduced two new challenges for our SEAL team members. For the first time, events took place on both the East and West Coast. Each required endurance, perseverance and strength.The first event took place in Southern California on May 19th, National Armed Forces Day, when 25 former and retired SEAL team members set out to complete an on the water marathon! Back on the East Coast, on August 23rd team members took part in their toughest triathlon challenge yet, an unprecedented attempt to complete a nearly three mile open ocean swim, 60 mile bike ride, and 10K run.  

2019: On Thursday, July 25, 2019 the evolution of the SEALs for Sunshine events reached another pinnacle as swimmers embarked on their next mission for Camp Sunshine - The Swim for Sunshine Challenge. The event began in Bridgton, Maine and concluded 16-miles later at Camp Sunshine in Casco.  This was the longest swim challenge in SEALs for Sunshine history! The swimmers started their day on Long Lake in Bridgton, they then began an epic 8-mile journey to the causeway in Naples (stopping at Camp Takajo along the way). The team then swam the 2.5 mile length of Brandy Pond before entering the headwaters of the Songo River.  For nearly 3 miles the brave men participating navigated the meandering waterway which opens up into Sebago Lake. The final leg to Camp Sunshine concluded with a typically windswept 2.5 miles. Team members needed to be in the best shape of their lives to take on this challenge through 3 towns, 2 lakes, 1 pond, and a river. 

2020: Participants (many of whom are active-duty military personnel stationed in Alaska, California, Florida and Washington DC) signed up, pledged to run, walk, bike and/or swim a distance of their choosing on August 22, 2020. By the end of the day, a collective 3,200 miles had been completed by nearly 100 participants from 18 different states. Most importantly, $56,000 was raised for Camp Sunshine by these dedicated athletes.

Additional information: Please visit: www.sealsforsunshine.org