2021 SEALs for Sunshine Peak to Peaks Challenge Logo

How can you be a part of this year’s event? Join us by choosing any of the three Peak to Peak’s Challenge distances and take them on any way you wish at any location you’d like.

  • Run, Swim, Bike or Other Activity: 2.4 miles           

  • Run, Swim, Bike or Other Activity: 7.6 miles

  • Run, Swim, Bike or Other Activity: 84.4 miles

On Thursday, August 19th our SEAL team members will begin at the Peak of Mount Washington, NH at 5:30 a.m. After running 7.6 miles down the auto road, they will bike nearly 84.4 miles to East End Beach in Portland, ME before entering the harbor for a 2.4 mile swim to Peaks Island!

The best part is if you register and fundraise donations will be matched by our friends and fellow military supporters at Texas Roadhouse up to $25,000!

Here’s how it works: 

1) Choose your own distance and register for the SEALs for Sunshine virtual event. Everyone who registers will receive a cotton t-shirt and challenge coin.

2) During the week leading up to (starting Thursday, August 12th) and concluding on the day of the actual Peak to Peaks Challenge (Thursday, August 19th) you are invited to pursue a challenge of your own design wherever you are located. 

3) Once you have registered for your own challenge let people know and start fundraising because everyone who raises an additional $100 ($150 total) will receive cotton t-shirt, challenge coin and waterbottle, and everyone who raises an additional $200 ($250 total) will receive a cotton t-shirt, challenge coin, water bottle and blanket!

4) To feel connected with others, please send us a photograph or video to events@campsunshine.org.

5) To show you have completed your challenge, track your miles and send in screenshots of each work out. There are many free apps you can choose such as Map My WalkMap My Run,etc, screen shots from other activity trackers like FitBit and Apple Watch are also acceptable.)

Please email screenshots of your completed mileage to events@campsunshine.org  by Friday, August 20, 2021. T-shirts, coins and other incentives earned through fundraising will be ordered and mailed to participants after the event has ended.