2021 Freezin' for a Reason Virtual Polar Dip & Dash

2020 Polar Dip Crew!
2020 Polar Dip Crew!

Beacon Community Fitness


Our goal is $2,500 this year; that's the amount needed to sponsor one family for a week retreat at Camp Sunshine. Thank you for your support! In lieu of a Polar Plunge, we will be doing a tribute workout for Cian, a camper who passed away at the age of 4 in 2015. 





Here's what we're up to as a team (and its significance):
Buy in: 2500m Run or 4 Mi Bike
     (It costs $2,500 to send a family to camp and Cian was 4 when he passed)
11 Handstand pushups
     (2011 was the year Cian was born)
37 Dumbbell cleans
     (the number of years Camp Sunshine has been in operation)
50 Kettlebell swings
     (number of states families travel from to to to Camp)
27 Front squats
     (number of countries families travel from to go to Camp)
15 Handstand pushups
     (2015 was the year Cian passed)
Cash out: 750m Snowball carry
     (Camp Sunshine serves 750 families per year)



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