2020 Portland Polar Dip

#1 2017
#1 2017

Return of the Cold Shoulders

We’re Taking the Plunge for Camp Sunshine!

On Leap Day 2020, the Cold Shoulders will be running (it’s a mental game) into Casco Bay to support Camp Sunshine! Please help our team reach our fundraising goal by making a donation to our team (by clicking donate now), or by clicking to a team member’s personal fundraising page to the right.

About Camp Sunshine:

Camp Sunshine is a retreat for children with life – threatening illness and their families, located on Sebago Lake in Casco, Maine. Our programs are uniquely designed to foster joy, hope, and connection for each member of the family. Because of your support, the cost of accommodations, meals, recreational and psychosocial programming, and on-site medical support is covered, so families pay nothing. Children have the chance to meet someone (often for the first time) with the same diagnosis as them, parents get to truly relax with other parents who get it, and siblings are treated with special love and care. In 2020, we have 22 sessions planned and the need for support is great.

About the Dip:

This “leap” is part of a series of Camp Sunshine Polar Dips occurring across the east coast each winter, which together are a primary means of our fundraising. In 2017 our team rallied enough money to fully sponsor a family ($2,500 - incredible)! This year, we’re aiming to help bring the Portland Polar Dip fundraising back up where it needs to be in order to keep families coming to Camp for free (and to come out on top, because: competition).

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