2020 New Jersey Polar Dip

Team Polar Power at AJ's Polar Plunge 2016
Team Polar Power at AJ's Polar Plunge 2016

Polar Power

POLAR POWER "May the Frost Be with You"

People ask why we would plunge into the icy ocean in February...we think of Katie, a Leukemia survivor, and how chemo is hell, and all the heroes battling life threatening illnesses RIGHT NOW. And we think of all the kids who lost their battle. Then we think of Camp Sunshine and how it feels to walk through the yellow doors, and the volunteers in the yellow shirts who welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like everything was going to be ok, even just for a little while...and so here we go!

We’re taking the PLUNGE for Camp Sunshine so that more families can get the much needed break that Camp offers. Please help our team reach our goal by making a donation to our team or member of our team.

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