Frequently Asked Questions


I forgot my previous user name or email. Camp Sunshine can retrieve this information for you by calling the office at (207) 655-3800 or emailing

Can I register multiple people? You can register as an individual or as a family but each registration will require its own email address. The Camp Sunshine staff is able to create multiple registrations under one email but you will need to reach out to the office (207) 655-3800 or email

Will I need to fill out a waiver? All participants will be required to sign a waiver, either online during registration or on-site upon arrival. Minors will be required to have a parent or legal guardian present during registration.

The Course

How experienced a rider do I need to be? Both the 25 mile and 50 mile courses are very challenging and even experienced riders are challenged by the hilly terrain. However, with proper training and planning anyone can participate.

How long does it take to complete the 25 and 50 mile courses? The average rider will complete the courses in 2 and 4 hours respectively.

Event Day

When does the ride begin? On-site Registration opens at 7:30 am; there is a rolling start (start when you want) and a ceremonial start at 8:45 am

What should I do when I arrive? Park in the designated area and proceed to the on-site registration tent to check in and receive your tee shirt.

What should I bring? Bring your uplifting Braveheart attitude, your family & friends, and water & di lotion if you are cycling.