About the 10th Annual Bravehearts Bike Ride and Family Day

Event Name: 10th Annual Bravehearts Bike Ride and Family Day
When: July 16, 2022
Where: Fruitlands Museum, 102 Prospect Road, Harvard, MA
Registration: 7:30 AM
Ride Begins: 8:45 AM


To honor the life of Dylan Connelly, maintain the Braveheart fellowship and carry on the traditions embodied by our common values while we lend support to others in need, especially those beset with healthcare crises.


The values we hold in common and that we share and celebrate with members of the community bind us all to Dylan and to each other forever and include:

  • the importance of family, friends and service to the community
  • outdoor adventure
  • stewardship for the environment
  • reverence for nature; and the
  • fearless pursuit of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Board of Directors: Jude Connelly, Ryan Grieve, Todd Currie (Co-Chair), Bruce Ringwall, Patrick Mulligan, Cathy Case, Jake Olds, Patrick Connelly (Co-Chair)

About Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine provides respite, support, joy, and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families from around the world through the various stages of their journeys. The year-round program is free of charge to all families, and includes 24-hour onsite medical support. Camp Sunshine also provides bereavement sessions for families who have lost a child to supported illnesses.


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